September 2017 September 2017

Construction across Central Park's final 2 residential buildings is tracking well with the facade for DUO installed to level 8 and rough-in services up to level 12. DUO's West tower has reached its highest level and the views from the construction platform is stunning - shown in a photo in the gallery. Wonderland's structure is rising above ground level and has advanced to level 4.

DUO, DUO Limited Edition & West tower | RESIDENTIAL & MIXED USE
At DUO (East tower), slab works are progressing at a steady pace, now reaching level 17 whilst the jumpform has been completed up to the top level being up to level 2 as shown in the first photo below. More of the detailed façade has been installed around the building now up to level 8. Behind the scenes, electrical service and plumbing are being roughed is up to level 12 and we look forward to showing you 2 prototype apartments in the coming months, fast-tracked to provide you with a view of the premium finishes and fixtures.

DUO Limited Edition (West tower, levels 13 to 18), slab works have been completed to level 7 and the removal of the jumpform cladding is underway having reached the highest level. Additionally the Y columns tresses between the Abercrombie Hotel and childcare facilities is visible - these tresses form the foundation to the cantilevers building.

Wonderland | RESIDENTIAL
Currently, the building structure has advanced to level 4 and jump forms for all 3 cores have climbed to level 6. Construction of the basement plant rooms for hydraulic services, power and communications as well as storage zones has commenced, with basement services rough-in also underway. Behind the scenes, the fabrication of the details façade elements comprising of the shading fins, screens and terracotta have commenced and these components will be delivered to site for installation later in the year.

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