November 2017 November 2017

This month, construction at Central Park's final 2 residential buildings can be seen with facade nearly reaching the top at DUO and the structure of Wonderland rising higher and higher! The best vantage point to view the process of both buildings is right in the middle of Chippendale Green.

DUO, DUO Limited Edition & West tower | RESIDENTIAL & MIXED USE

Following the top off at DUO (East tower), fit-out works are progressing intensively through the floors. Wall sheeting and door frame works have been completed up to level 12, both tiling and painting works are underway and completed up to level 5, kitchen cabinets also been installed up to level 4. The building’s façade is now completed to level 14 and the external installation for level 2 is complete, this can be seen in the 1st photo as the darker panelling wrapping the bottom of the building. In the basement, commissioning of the electrical rooms have commenced and the lift installation is also underway.

For DUO Limited Edition’s (West tower, levels 13 to 18) structure, the building is now completed with the rooftop slab being poured. The façade installation is now reaching level 9. Services and ceiling installation have commenced and are now up to the Ground floor lobby. 

Wonderland | RESIDENTIAL
This month, the number of workers onsite peaked at 270 with significant construction works underway. Wonderland’s structure has advanced to roof level on the central and western portions of the building, while the tower is constructed up to Level 12. A few weeks ago, the Central and western jumpforms were dismantled and removed, with the East tower jumpform expected to be removed next month following the final remaining pour. We are expecting to top out the structure building before Christmas. This is an exciting milestone in delivering Central Park’s final residential stage. High level services fit off and installation of internal party walls have commenced on the Ground floor through to Level 3, while the installation of façade windows and doors has reached Level 2.

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