Mighty & Super.....? Mighty & Super.....?

It’s here, a burger that will hit all your tastebuds and leave you mighty full.

Launching on Monday 29th April, the Mighty ¼ Kilo burger range hits Ribs & Burgers Centre Park store.

 The Mighty range consists of our top 3 sellers; Mighty Original, Mighty Old School Cheese and the Mighty Bacon & Cheese. So why? We already have the Wagyu range! Well, the Mighty range offers customers 60 grams more flame-grilled Angus beef than the Wagyu. This new patty also gives customers 70% more meat than the base burger range which sits at 150g. Don’t worry, we still have the Vintage Wagyu burger available for die-hard Wagyu fans.
We also see the launch of the Superfood Burger. With 7 superfoods in the patty alone and 9 in the entire burger, this has to be the healthiest burger on the Ribs & Burgers menu. 

 What: Mighty Original $15.90/ Mighty Old School Cheese $16.90/ Mighty Bacon & Cheese $17.90, Superfood Burger $14.90,  Beef Short Ribs $22.90
When: 29th March - 9th June

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