June 2017 June 2017

As of this month, Multiplex have been onsite at DUO's mixed residential, commercial and hotel development for 1 year and at Wonderland, Central Park's final residential stage for nearly 8 months. DUO's two buildings front the iconic position of Broadway and the corner of Abercrombie Street and Wonderland is on the southern boundary of Chippendale.

DUO, DUO Limited Edition & West tower | RESIDENTIAL & MIXED USE
Construction progress throughout May and June has been tracking well across both DUO’s East and West tower. For DUO (East tower), the slab has been poured up to level 7, and jump-form has climbed to level 11. For DUO Limited Edition (on the West tower, the 48 apartments atop the commercial offering, One Hundred Broadway, child-care centre are located on Level 13 through to 18), the structure is formed to level 4 and concrete slab pour is underway. The jumpform has reached level 12 and steel fixing works have commenced for level 13.

Wonderland | RESIDENTIAL
Construction at Wonderland is progressing well, with the basement levels now structurally complete with preparation underway for concrete pours for the complex ground floor level (Lobby for each building and Terrace apartments) progressing. It is expected the ground floor slab will be poured by end of the month. Jumpforms are now visible above the site hoardings with western core now at level 1. It is anticipated Wonderland will be complete in Q3 - 2018

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