Drawn Together 2 Drawn Together 2

Join Ironlak Art & Design, this Thursday March 16 as they launch their first exhibition at their Sydney flagship, Drawn Together 2. 
Drawn Together 2 is a group exhibition featuring a diverse selection of artists with individual styles that are drawn together by the act of hand drawing illustrations on paper. The works will be created using Ironlak graphic markers, pens, pencils and wider range of art supplies. 

The exhibition is the first of many as Ironlak Art & Design hopes to support local and global artists make their mark in the global art scene by providing a location to show their work. 

The palette of artists at this exhibition include: Anthony Lister, John Kaye, Joel Birch, Kaput, Kiss, Otis Hope Carey, Aeon, Phibs, Shida, Ben Brown, Gimiks, Elana Mullaly, Georgia Hill, Pudl, Cheo, Jessee Lee Johns, and Daek William.

The Sydney store is Ironlak Art & Design’s first flagship store, which aims to offer artists and designers an innovative retail experience. The design is clean and minimalist, with the products bringing life to the store’s walls. 

Drawn Together 2 exhibition opens on Thursday March 16 , 6 – 9 pm and will run until Sunday April 16.

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