December 2017 December 2017

With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, we are delighted to share the latest construction update for DUO and Wonderland.

DUO, DUO Limited Edition & West tower | RESIDENTIAL & MIXED USE

At DUO (East tower), fit-out works continue to progress: wall sheeting and door frame works are now been completed up to level 15; tiling works are moving upward to level 9, while first coat of painting are commencing at level 11; kitchen joinery has also been tracking well as the builders progress installation up to level 7. The building’s façade is moving up to level 17. The tower crane and builder's hoist have been removed with façade infill being undertaken.

At DUO Limited Edition’s (West tower, levels 13 to 18), fire stairs masonry risers and handrails have been completed, with framing work continues on the floor levels. All building services are progressively being installed on levels 13 to 14, and close to completion on these floors. The façade installation is now at level 10 with the commencement of level 11 beginning shortly. It is anticipated that the façade for DUO Limited Edition will be largely complete by end January 2018.

For the 297-room hotel, wall painting is reaching to level 18 and the carpet install for rooms is 80% complete for level 7 with tiling up to level 15.

The heritage pub and terraces works are processing with forming of the pub lift underway and repairs on the heritage tiles underway.

Wonderland | RESIDENTIAL

In last month’s construction update we had anticipated the structure would be topped out by Christmas and we’re thrilled to announce we’ve reached this milestone as programmed. According to the tradition, the project team hoisted a tree to the top floor to celebrate the achievement.
With structure complete, attention turns to the façade and internal fitout works. Wonderland’s lift cores are now weather tight and the lift fitout has commenced. The building’s façade installation is ongoing and has reached level 5. The internal party wall and service installation continues between level 3 and level 5, whilst the wall sheeting follows behind on Ground level and level 2.
Off-site the joinery for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry and the complex façade screens have commenced fabrication, these will be brought to site closer to installation date.

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