August 2017 August 2017

This month, Multiplex has progressed across well across both sites - at DUO, the architectural facade is being fixed from levels 3 and 4. This is an exciting time as the attention to detail and design from Foster + Partners is being revealed and will become another iconic building for the precinct. At Wonderland, Level 1 has been poured and will soon rise quickly to levels 8 for the Central and West core and 13 for the East core.

DUO, DUO Limited Edition & West tower | RESIDENTIAL & MIXED USE
At DUO (East tower), 4 floors' slab works have been completed in the past month. The structure is now reaching level 15 and jumpform has climbed to level 19. Additionally the fa├žade on levels 4 and 5 is being installed, revealing the detailed design that will wrap the building. DUO Limited Edition (West tower, levels 13 to 18), slab works have been completed to level 5. The West tower’s jumpform is now reaching level 18. The jumpform for the 297-room hotel has climbed to Level 20 with the stab for Level 19 poured and the facade for the building is being installed - this is visible on the corner of Chippendale Way.

Wonderland | RESIDENTIAL
Following the completion of the basement structure, slab works continues with the ground floor slab now structurally completed, and Level 1 is now poured to approximately half-way from the western end. The team is expecting level 2 slab to be completed within the month of August. Jumpforms are soon to be raised ahead of the progressing slabs.

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