Foster + Partners' Broadway Corner, Now on Exhibition Foster + Partners' Broadway Corner, Now on Exhibition

Following design development of the three buildings on the corner of Abercrombie and Broadway, an amendment to the Central Park concept plan has now been lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. This amendment revises the mix of residential and non-residential uses at Central Park and makes minor adjustments to Foster + Partners’ buildings on the corner of Broadway and Abercrombie Street.

This concept plan modification proposes to change:

  • The allocation of Gross Floor Area (GFA) to buildings within the overall approved 255,500m2 GFA for Central Park. This includes minor changes to the existing approved buildings (currently under construction), and future buildings. Overall, proposed massing (heights, setbacks) are generally consistent with the approved Concept Plan. There is no change to the total GFA or car parking bays of Central Park.
  • The mix of residential and non-residential GFA across the site. The approved Concept Plan for Central Park allows a large variation in the mix of residential and non-residential uses from 70% residential to 30% residential. Under this proposed modification, the residential component would increase to a maximum of 77%, primarily due to the introduction of student dwellings.

These modifications would:

  • Enable the development of Block 4 South (Block 4S) for student accommodation. This building was previously intended for commercial use.
  • Enable the development of Block 1 (the block adjoining One Central Park West on Broadway) for office or residential purposes. Reconfigure the building envelopes of Block 4N and Block 1 to separate these two buildings.
  • Make minor modifications to the approved building envelopes for Block 1 and Block 4N.
  • Enable the development of the Brewery Yard for office or residential purposes.

Three buildings affected by these modifications – Blocks 1, 4S and 4N, which wrap the corner of Broadway and Abercrombie Street – are being designed by Foster + Partners, with local collaboration from PTW Architects and Nettletontribe Architects. Foster + Partners are one of three masterplan architects for Central Park and designed the original approved plans for these buildings. Frasers and Sekisui House are proud of the international calibre and innovation embodied in the design team at work on Central Park, and will continue working with Foster + Partners as this component of the precinct evolves.

You can view and comment on this proposal online here, on the Department of Planning's web site.

For more information on Foster + Partners' design for student dwellings on Block 4S, visit the Abercrombie Street page on this web site.

For an overview of community consultation at Central Park, visit the Community Consultation page on this web site.

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