Designed by world renowned, Sydney-based architectural practice Johnson Pilton Walker, the Mark is the future of vibrant inner city living and a shining example of all that advanced technologies and bold imaginations can contribute to modern and sustainable living. 
Johnson Pilton Walker conceived a plan to construct a soaring glass tower of great presence, and positioned it so the apartments could benefit from the expansive views. Utilising the best building technologies, the intelligent apartments make full use of all available space.
Each apartment has a loggia, rather than a balcony, which can be opened to the fresh air and sunshine via fingertip-controlled sliding glass panels. These same panels can be closed to secure the apartment against wind and rain. They allow for clear and unobstructed views and the ability to modulate the environment of your apartment.
It also means The Mark's magnificent glass fa├žade presents a constantly changing image to the world depending on whether residents have their loggias open or closed. The line and proportion of The Mark are such that it sits proudly within the Central Park precinct in harmony with its historic neighbourhood.

History will confirm it as a building of great architectural merit.
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