French star architect, Jean Nouvel, is renown for creating projects that are a testament to the human spirit. His approach embraces a trans-disciplinary ethos – bringing together architecture, lighting design and environmental artistry to create outstanding buildings of worldwide significance and monumental scale.
One Central Park is his most daring residential work yet. A bold combination of technology, aesthetics and vegetation, One Central Park is a global landmark. And Sky is its crowning glory.
Sky at One Central Park offers immense luxury high above the heart of the city. The building itself is worthy of accolades, yet it is the experience of living in its uppermost levels that give a select few the greatest reward.
A heliostat and hydroponics are just two of the defining features that are sure to establish the residential tower as an architectural triumph. The heliostat, a giant cantilevered platform jutting out from the twenty-eighth floor, adds a dramatic dimension to the building’s silhouette and defines the Sky residences above it.
The hovering heliostat hosts sun-reflecting shields on its underside, enabling natural sunlight to be bounced in to the atrium below. After dark, the heliostat transforms into a light installation designed by international lighting artist Yann Kersalé. Described as a chandelier for the city, it theatrically illuminates the towers, bringing the building to life after dark.
Suspended over expansive parklands, the heliostat provides the platform for the Sky Garden – the largest-spanned cantilevered structure built in a residential context in Australia. With its expansive harbour views and magnificent amenities, the Sky Garden will be one of the most desired entertainment spaces in the city, yet it’s for Sky residents and their guests to enjoy alone.
Jean Nouvel lives by the dictum that vegetation is the part of the vocabulary of architecture. Sky at One Central Park manifests his philosophy with living walls that bring the park into every corner of the building. The result is a living, breathing organism that proves that being surrounded by nature, even in the sky, makes us feel more alive.

Each facade of One Cental Park inlcuidng Sky is wrapped in a living 'skin' of indigenous and exotic plants. These grow from plante boxes which line the exterior of every apartment, climbing up wires connecting east level and tumbling down fom the level above. 
Bertram Beissel on Sky at One Central Park
Architect Bertram Beissel, of Ateliers Jean Nouvel, discusses Sky at One Central Park.
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