Live with all the conveniences the 21st century has to offer. The Central Park Gymnasium and Pool Terrace caters exclusively to residents while Concierge and on-site Security offer 24/7 support and peace of mind.
Central Parks' own Gymnasium
Central Park’s private residents’ Gymnasium occupies 280sqm on Level 4 of Central retail, in an open-plan, light-filled space looking into the retail atrium.

The Gymnasium’s equipment selection and configuration has been developed in consultation with an experienced gymnasium operator, and features commercial-grade gear, including 8 treadmills, 7 cross-trainers, 6 cycling machines (including 2 recumbent bikes), 2 summit trainers and 3 rowing machines. Free weights and weight training gear includes equipment for seated leg press, leg extension, lying leg curl, chest press, shoulder press, lat pulldown, seated row and bicep curl, with a Smith machine and adjustable benches. Male and female bathrooms with showers are close by.
Exclusively for residents
The Central Park Gymnasium is scheduled to open just before Christmas 2013, and will be open daily from 6am to 9pm.
The Gymnasium is exclusively for use by residents of One Central Park, Park Lane and The Mark. For the comfort and security of residents, guests are not allowed to use the Gym. 
Secure access to the Gymnasium is from the Central retail lift, to Level 4. The Pool Terrace on Level 5 is accessed via stairs on Level 4 so you can easily combine a workout with a swim. Heavenly. 
The Central Park Hub provides essential information and updates, exclusively for residents.
The Pool Terrace
The Pool Terrace is a glorious outdoor recreation terrace on the open-air podium between the towers of One Central Park West and East. Designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel as an integral part of their vision for One Central Park, the Pool Terrace features a 20 metre outdoor heated pool and spa, shaded seating and soft lawn. The views are utterly unique: look North across Broadway or South toward Chippendale Green. Or look upward and be dazzled by the heliostat cantilevered from the side of One Central Park East, delivering sunlight to warm the pool by day and a glorious display of coloured lights at night. It's a pool unlike any other. 

The Pool Terrace is exclusively for use by residents of One Central Park, Park Lane and The Mark, and will open in early December 2013. 

We're here for the comfort and security of residents, 24 hours a day

- Matthew Friend, Facility Manager
The West Foyer art work was created by US photographer Amanda Ortland, who has worked with Ateliers Jean Nouvel (AJN) since 2005 on projects such as the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. Her role revolves around creating unique, site specific works of art that reveal and intensify the conceptual themes of the buildings or places they inhabit. 

For the One Central Park West lobby, Amanda took two black and white photographs of a Wolgan Valley Eucalyptus forest in the Blue Mountains, a UNESCO protected world heritage site. She scanned the film for her 4x5 view camera at a very high resolution and enlarged the photos to a wall size scale. Amanda then toned one of the photos to pure red and the other to pure yellow, while turning the shadows in both dark blue, finally, she overlayed the two bi-chrome images to obtain the final composition. Because of the tri-chromic toning, the details of one of the photos within the image can be made to dominate by tuning the light to its specific colour. The final composition is broken up into three canvasses that are each suspended in a shrine-like light box behind a two-way mirror and lit with coloured light. The mirrors reflect only 40% of the light, but anything dark inside the light boxes will mostly disappear behind the reflections, while the brightly lit canvasses tend to come through at all times, but especially at night. The black floor, walls and ceilings of the lobby enhance this effect, erase the corners of the room and bring the images to float in the dark.

Amanda Ortland presents the images of the forest as a window into the natural landscape and vegetation that were there before the city was built. As residents keep coming home, they keep coming back to this image, they are returning to a primal idea of the site: the lighting’s changing primary colours suggest an ideal, sacred image of nature that belongs to the realm of the dream ad eludes static representation.

For the East Foyer the installation is part of a series of public spaces that AJN have designed for Central Park. All of them revolve around the appearance of nature in and around the building, be it in form of a garden, a material or an image. For example, the East Lobby has bamboo gardens and curved bamboo panels on its walls, the Atrium has an underground garden lit by heliostats, and the West Lobby has a monumental image of a Eucalyptus forest.

The ethereal and curvaceous East Lobby evokes the sky, the lush stand of bamboo bring the natural world inside – a natural extension of AJN’s overarching organic ethos for One Central park. Bamboo is the defining material used in the East’s lobby and Sky’s private foyer chosen for its unimpeachable green credentials, fine grain and naturally beautiful finish. Bronze details introduce warmth and robust integrity to the space.

Your Concierge
One Central Park's Concierge service assists owners and residents to create a welcoming and safe environment, 24/7. 

Concierge can assist your visitors in contacting your apartment, accept parcels and small deliveries on residents’ behalf, assist with arranging large items to be delivered or collected via the Loading Dock area, assist with apartment access for private service providers and special visitors (when authorised). There are separate Concierge desks for One Central Park West, One Central Park East and Sky, located in each tower's entry foyer. 

On-site Security services function 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Concierge and Security services are supported with cutting-edge facility management software delivered via a private residents' intranet: we call it the Central Park Hub.
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