Connor is connected to and benefits from the Central Park's precinct systems include the Central Thermal Plant (CTP), Recycled Water Treatment Plant and Central Stormwater Treatment Sydney location beneath the Brewery Yard. Connor's sustainability achievements are proudly reflected in receiving 5 Star Green Star Multi Unit Residential Design in early 2016 and 5 Star Green Star Multi Residential As-Built.

Connor has been designed and constructed to achieve the following targets;

__An average combined annual heating and cooling loads of less than 45MJ/m2 under the NatHERS assessment scheme for the dwellings;
__80% reduction in construction wastes and 20% reduction in landfill from residential wastes in operation due to composting strategy, sorting and recycling of wastes throughout appropriate building management;
__15% improvement of energy consumption for the development above Green Star energy benchmark targets.

In each Connor apartment, a smart-metering systems and an in home display (IHD) has been installed to allow monitoring of electricity within each dwelling, which translated CTP energy into appropriate Greenhouse Gas emissions figures, consumption of domestic cold water and hot water. These panels have the capability to report on residents' energy consumption, equivalent GHG values and water consumption all in real-time 15 minute intervals.

The following features are available for each of the IHD:

__Visual display of the real time consumption;
__Collection of hourly consumption data;
__Analysis functions for displaying data at daily, weekly and monthly basis;
__Function for displaying the financial costs and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the usage;
__Conversion factors for site-specific conditions.

Connor provides residents and tenants' alike access to car share facilities through GoGet, that are located on 1 car share facilities is on Ground Level and over 40 car shares within Central Park's retails basement. Each residential dwelling is provided with one dedicated enclosed bicycle cage and there are 18 visitor bicycle parking spaces within 50 metres of the main residential entry.