Professor Stuart White -Director, Institue for Sustainable Futures - University of Technology Sydney
Professor Stuart White is Director at the Institute of Sustainable Futures, UTS, which designed Central Park’s sustainability strategy. He leads a team of researchers who create change towards sustainable futures through independent, project-based research.
“Central Park will be one of the most significant developments in Australia in terms of its water and energy usage, and its commitment to recycling construction waste is also impressive. Between 80,000 and 100,000 people are living and working in the Chippendale area; the park at Central Park is the missing link to creating a vibrant, sustainable urban precinct.”
With over twenty years experience in sustainability research, Professor White’s work focuses on achieving sustainability outcomes for a range of government, industry and community clients across Australia and internationally. This includes both the design and evaluation of programs for improving resource use efficiency and an assessment of their impact.
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