Patrick Blanc - Vertical Garden Designer

Imagine a building that grows, sprouts and flowers, changes colour with the seasons, or sheds leaves in winter as though magically alive with petals, vines and buds.
At Central Park, an art installation by French botanist Patrick Blanc has become the world’s tallest ‘vertical garden’ – a living tapestry of plants, flowers and vines stretching 150 meters high. Designed in collaboration with Paris architects Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Blanc’s eye-catching artwork completely transforms the Sydney skyline.
Jean Nouvel and Patrick Blanc have designed many projects together, such as the famous Quai Branly Museum in Paris. Sydney will be home to their next masterpiece – a dramatic example of ‘living architecture’, which will remind us of the restorative impact that nature has on our souls. 
Patrick Blanc on One Central Park's vertical gardens
Flamboyant artist and botanist Patrick Blanc discusses his vertical gardens planted to the East and North facades of One Central Park.

The building, together with my vertical garden, will be an architectural work floating in the air, with plants growing on the walls – it will create a very special result that will be very new to Sydney.

- Patrick Blanc
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