Bertram Beissel - Design & Project Partner at Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Bertram Beissel explains the inspiration for One Central Park


You have relocated to Sydney from Paris to oversee the construction of One Central Park. What are your impressions of the city? 

What strikes me every day here are the beaches, the warm weather, the hilly topography, the parks everywhere and the vitality of the streets in so many areas. None of the cities I've lived in can deliver all of this at the same time.

What is Atelier Jean Nouvel’s inspiration for One Central Park?

The focus is on how to materialize Sydney’s destiny as one of the world’s most attractive and relevant cities. We are bringing the park up into the sky along the building’s facades so it visible in the city at a distance. The park rises in a sequence of planted plateaus, so that each apartment has not only a balcony, but also its own piece of the park. 

At the individual scale, we've created pleasant private gardens, and at a collective scale, a green urban sculpture. In a way, One Central Park offers a flower to each resident and a bouquet to the city.

What is it like working with so many different architects?

Central Park’s scale will make it a reference not only here, but for any major city around the world. For that reason, it was wise to get both international and local viewpoints into the design team. In a process like this, all sides learn from each other and it benefits the design.

Do you think great architecture can transform Sydney into a more livable, vibrant city?

Sydney is already an exceptionally livable and vibrant city. You can tell by its worldwide rankings and the difficulty of finding a good apartment to rent. 

Cities are vibrant because of the kind of people that live there and architecture is a result of what they want to do with their destiny. When architecture stands the test of time, it becomes a powerful witness of the city’s history and identity.
Bertram Beissel on Sky at One Central Park
Architect Bertram Beissel, of Ateliers Jean Nouvel, discusses Sky at One Central Park.
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