Halo is a wind activated kinetic sculpture by two of Australia’s pre-eminent public artists, Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford. It’s an extraordinary integration of art, science and engineering acting in collaboration with the natural environment. According to Michaelie, “The inspiration for Halo came from the history and industrial forms of the old brewery combined with a dynamic response to the natural and built environment of the new precinct.”
As its name suggests, Halo comprises a giant, glistening tapered yellow ring measuring 12 metres in diameter attached to a 6 metre long silver arm, it pivots off-centre atop a 13 metre high tilted silver pole. The ring itself is made from carbon fibre, an ultra-light yet incredibly strong and robust material, often used in high-end boat manufacturing. The ring has been painted in a pearlescent glaze which catches the light and gives the ring an intense golden glow.
Activated only by the power of the wind, the ring tilts and turns in response to its ever-changing speed, direction and gusts. The entire weight of the ring and arm balances on a tiny ceramic bearing the size of a small glass marble. “The beautiful circular supports for the enormous old brewing vats inspired Halo’s form and a desire to reference the tipsy effects of beer resulted in the ring’s precarious balance and off-centred tipping and turning.” says Michaelie.
Taking three years of extensive research, testing and design, the creation of Halo was a monumental undertaking in itself, requiring the expertise of several specialist engineers, designers and fabricators lead by Jeremy Sparks of Partridge Event Engineering.
Halo has been nominated for an Engineering Excellence Award for the management of the unique engineering expertise involved in delivering its structure and movement.
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