‘Artists in Residence’ was a temporary public art project that occupied the Brewery Yard building and brick stack in the thick of Central Park's construction activity. Four artists were given free rein to create an artwork that contributed to the creative character of the Chippendale community during the construction phase of Central Park.

Michaelie Crawford described the brief for each piece as a work that encapsulated “the history, fluids, processes and intoxications of the site’s brewing past.” As each artist installed a new work, the previous works remain – building to a playful collective ‘conversation’ between the four works.

‘Symbiosis’ by Caroline Rothwell
Installed in October 2012, Symbiosis was a monumental sculpture, a vibrant red nylon inflated tree fed by white PVC pipes which the artist says symbolises “the artificial, technological and the human circulatory system.”

Describing her work, Rothwell says:

The tree is a universal symbol of life and the paradise myth. The pipes that are inherent to Symbiosis are a visual link to the history and future of the site. Their role has been and continues to be seminal. Pipes are conduits in the circulatory systems of the Brewery landscape. They have carried water, beer, steam and services through the interior and exterior of the buildings. They have carved a trajectory through the landscape.

- Caroline Rothwell
BEAMS Arts Festival, 21 September 2013
Frasers Property and Sekisui House are proud to sponsor the Chippendale BEAMS Arts Festival, which lit up the streets of Chippendale on Saturday 21 September 2013 for the second year running.
‘Local Memory’ by Brook Andrew
Installed on the Broadway facing wall in April 2011, the piece celebrated the local community in a monumental group portrait. Andrew utilised the wall’s architectural remnants of two previous floors to arrange the eighteen large-scale photographs, which were framed in red neon. The artist described the work as “three rows of six historical photographic portraits of people from the brewery site as a large-scale pulsating glowing wall of faces”.
Andrew not only depicted the workers, but the brewery’s broader community: “I am interested in the workers, but also local residents, people who visited and drank at the pubs, kids who played in the area, even people who may have delivered or made other calls for various reasons at the brewery”.
Windwatcher’ by Mikala Dwyer
Windwatcher was put through rigorous testing to ensure it would withstand harsh weather conditions. A prototype windsock was taken to Eastern Creek Raceway, affixed to a car and raced around the track at various speeds – simulating various wind conditions.  “It was certainly one of the more unusual experiences of my creative life to date”, said artist Mikala Dwyer. 


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