Stefan Stavropoulos - Cafe Guilia, Owner & Manager
Stef Stavropulou is the face behind Café Guilia, a popular café located in an old butcher’s shop, which attracts an eclectic crowd of architects, film producers, professionals, students and travellers.

We’re a typical Southern European coffee shop where you can go to write a letter or eat out with your friends,” says Stavropoulos. 

There are a lot of single people and professionals in our area and we like to think of our café as an extension of their home. It’s affordable, and it’s more social to come and have your toast here in the morning than it is stay at home. We’re an extension of peoples’ offices: if you have a meeting, it’s nicer to have it here,” he says. 

The friendliness of patrons who visit Café Guilia reflects the ‘urban village’ lifestyle of the area, where a cacophony of people are united by their passion for inner-city living. 

Fifteen years ago I think New York was like Sydney. You could say New York’s Meatpacking District or Flatiron Districts were like Chippendale is today: areas with an industrial or rag trade past that were just beginning to change.

- Stefan Stavropoulos

Today, in Chippendale a similar transformation is taking place.

I believe in Sydney,” says Stavropoulos. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful place. It has so much to offer that is unique. The city is evolving into a very sophisticated metropolis. In 15 years, as it fulfils its potential, believe me, people will be very lucky to live or work around here. We won’t try to be New York or try to be Athens – we will be distinctly Sydney, a place people travel from all around the world to see.”

Café Guilia, 92 Abercrombie St, Chippendale

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