Orlando & Nicola Reindorf - Co-founder of Flying Standard, Chippendale
“We chose Chippendale as the location for our business because it’s very urban, but also has a really nice sense of community. It’s affordable, yet it’s right on the edge of city,” says Nicola Reindorf, who runs Flying Standard, a fashion importing house, with partner Orlando. 

“What we really love about the area is it that it is such a raw and creative place. Everyone is working, everyone is interested – it’s this untapped area that has so much to offer, and it’s located at the very edge of the CBD,” she says.

Reindorf’s favourite nearby haunts include Mission Restaurant and NG Art gallery, the friendly Bar Mattino, which famous for its Sunday roasts, and White Rabbit Gallery, which exhibits an incredible collection of contemporary Chinese art. 

“Sometimes we just go to the park for a swim at lunch, or take a stroll into Chinatown and the city. Everything is so close here,” says Reindorf, who is originally from London.

Reindorf loves the friendliness of the people who live and work in the area:

You see people across the road and actually get to know them. There’s an incredible street here with community gardens where you can pick your own herbs. Across the road is an old warehouse that restores antiques. Coming here opens your eyes to the unusual. Without realising it, even though you are somewhere quite urban you will suddenly see something very beautiful.

- Orlando & Nicola Reindorf

Based on Balfour Street, Chippendale, Flying Standard distributes fashion brands including April 77, Motel and Maggie by Margo.

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