Leah & Mitch Parsons - Chippendale Locals

Leah and her family moved to Chippendale three years ago, attracted there by its friendly community and its proximity to the harbour’s edge. 
“Chippendale is such a diverse place – every corner you turn, you discover something artistic or challenging happening. Sydney is relaxed and easy-going, it’s a beautiful, sunny city with interesting new areas that are only just opening up. And because it is a young city, it’s potential is so great. 

This area is full of diverse groups of people and fantastic cafes – Bar Mattino on Abercrombie Street is one of my favorites. And the harbour is fantastic. I’d like to see Sydney become an ecologically sustainable city with better public transport. In my opinion, a great neighbourhood is one which is vibrant and diverse, yet friendly enough that people want to make connections with others.

- Leah & Mitch Parsons
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