Dr Lee Stickels - Lecturer in Architecture: Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
As a lecturer in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Sydney, Lee Stickles believes the world’s most interesting cities deliver an eclectic array of commercial and public spaces.  
“Central Park is an interesting development because it makes some big statements about sustainability, while at the same time fostering smaller-scale spaces, such as the laneway development on Kensington Street.

It will be really interesting to watch how Central Park develops over the next 20 years as its commercial spaces are absorbed into the city. Great cities accommodate various scales of business, which makes it more enjoyable to live there. It’s about getting the right balance between designs that support organic development, and can evolve over time. In a sense, small spaces are business incubators, because people love spaces and places in cities that they feel they’ve discovered for themselves.

- Dr. Lee Stickels
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