David Nelson - Foster + Partners, Head of Design and Senior Partner

Central Park is not Fosters + Partners’ first project in Sydney. How does the city inspire your work? 

We have been working in Sydney since 1997 – although we visited the city many times previously. It is a special place with a strong identity, which is largely derived from the strength of the relationship between its buildings and public spaces. We have tried to create buildings that “give back” to the city and enhance Sydney’s unique 
urban DNA.  

What did each architectural firm bring to the vision Central Park?

The inclusion of international as well as local expertise has certainly enriched the project because we have combined local knowledge with a wider horizon. The masterplan is a product of all of those involved rather than any one practice or individual. 
Can architecture create great cities?  

The city of the future has to be a great place to live in or visit, and it must lift the spirits. In this sense, architecture has a powerful role to play.  
Fosters + Partners has designed a spacious commercial complex at Central Park. What can you reveal about its design?  

It’s too early to reveal much, but Central Park’s office spaces will offer great flexibility, large column-free spaces with plenty of natural light, and a strong sustainability strategy.
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