Bruce Jeffreys - GoGet, Founder & Director
In 2003, Bruce Jeffreys launched an innovative car-sharing scheme called GoGet, which reduces the number of cars on congested city streets.

GoGet offers all the benefits of having a car, without the hassle and expense of owning one. Members simply order their car online, locate the vehicle in a nearby street, start the ignition and drive. When they’re done, they return the vehicle to a dedicated parking spot so it’s ready for the next person to use.

“Car owners use their cars a lot, whereas car sharing significantly reduces car use,” says Jeffreys, explaining his inspiration for launching GoGet in 2003.

“People who have to pay for each car trip are more likely to consider walking, cycling or using public transport. This means one GoGet car takes seven to 10 cars off the road - that opens up a lot of public space,” says Jeffreys.

GoGet already has an arrangement with Frasers Property’s Trio Apartments in Camperdown, where residents have a choice of 10 cars, including Prius, Taragos, and utes. Demand has been huge, so we’ll use Trio as our model for setting up the scheme at Central Park


At Central Park, a fleet of GoGet cars will be parked on-site, which means residents will enjoy the convenience of driving without spending a cent on buying their own car. It’s perfect for people who don't drive every day, or for businesses that can’t afford to purchase their own fleet. 

As a former member of the NSW Government’s Sustainability Unit, Jeffreys’ sustainability credentials are impressive. He was involved in shaping the Masters Program at Murdoch University’s Institute for Sustainability and Technology, and has worked extensively in the private and government sector as a sustainability adviser.

Eventually, Jeffreys hopes to have one GoGet car parked within 500 metres of every residence in Sydney. Given that a single GoGet car removes up to 10 cars from the road, this will help to make Sydney a much greener city for everyone to enjoy.

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