Central Park is an urban village with a design ambition that hasn’t been seen in Sydney since the building of its iconic Opera House; Vertical gardens growing up the side of skyscrapers, funky new lanes with bars and cafes, galleries housed in heritage buildings, advanced office accommodation and cutting-edge retail, Tokyo style. All this around a major new open space for Sydney.
Sydney’s uptown CBD has long been the city’s mainstream commercial zone but Central Park now offers a new Downtown. This live-work urban village provides the previously missing hub where the city’s universities, creative industries and sophisticated gallery-goers and diners can meet.
With 11 buildings, around 2,000 apartments and a distinctive collection of shops, cafes, restaurants, terraces and offices, Central Park transforms the precinct into a destination for living, working, dining out and relaxing.
Central Park marks a crucial intersection for Sydney’s expanding transport network and offers unrivalled connections to local cultural destinations. It links the bohemian neighbourhoods of Surry Hills, Chippendale, Glebe and Newtown and offers fast public transport routes to mountains, beach and the airport. It is Sydney’s best connected address.
Creativity is abundant in the Chippendale area, and art has been weaved into the DNA of Central Park. Commissioned sculptures adorned the construction of Central Park, while yet-to-be-used warehouses were donated to local artists for a period of nearly 4 years. From Central Park’s inception, artists have played a huge part in the collaborative process of design to bring Sydney a true cultural destination
All great endeavours begin with asking the right questions. We started by inviting a group of Sydney Visionaries to share their dreams for the future, asking them ‘What do you love about living in Sydney, and what would you like to change?’ From there, the vision for Central Park was shaped by the wants and needs of the local community.
Central Park, Spring 2015
Central Park is Sydney’s new downtown, a vibrant and visionary neighbourhood connecting the CBD with Chippendale and Broadway. Here’s a look at the endless opportunities Central Park has to offer.
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