Holy Duck! Now open Holy Duck! Now open

Holy Duck!, a Chinese street diner-come-burger-joint opens its doors at Kensington Street, Central Park. Blending together the flavours of traditional Chinese with a modern takeout vibe, Holy Duck! is a food fusion diner serving up fast, fresh and ducken delicious eats, lunch and dinner.

With a focus on honouring the humble duck and bringing Chinese roasts and BBQ to 21st century Australia, the menu is chock full of delicious delights.

A rice bowl selection offers up smokin’ hot BBQ and roast cuts like Crispy Crackling Roast Pork Belly with Pommery Mustard Sauce and Crispy Fried Shantung Chicken with sweet & sour sauce.

While a menu of hand held items serves up burgers buns and pancakes to grab on the go, including a roast holy duck burger with cucumber and leeks and homemade orange Hoisin sauce.

Kaisern Ching said, “Holy Duck! is modern street food at its best. Our new eatery is for those too cool to cook, too busy to baste and too hipster for haute cuisine. We’ve put a contemporary spin on the menu, dishing up duck and other Chinese favourites in a way that’s going to appeal to a new generation of diners.

Find out more about Holy Duck here. 

Photo: Sourced from Kensington Street

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